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I'm Jeremy, owner of Reliable Construction & Design. I've been in the construction industry for over 20 years. I'm a licensed general contractor specializing in doing some neat, custom remodeling and home-building projects. I've had some rare opportunities in my career that have broadened my ability to be able to provide great service to my customers. I enjoy meeting and working with people from all walks of life. The opportunity to create new and innovative ideas with my customers is what really excites me. 

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Everything we do at Reliable Construction & Design is to our full potential. From hanging a mirror to a full new home design, we give our projects our best. I like to involve the customer and get them excited about the potential of what their project is to be. There is something about the challenge of envisioning what the project is planned to look like and what it ends up coming out to. It has honestly always exceeded our expectations as well as our customers.   

Some of our previous projects were in various areas outside of the High Desert. High-end homes in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Homes were built in 1902 and homes were created for the future. High-end million-dollar condos that overlook downtown LA, to homes on TV. shows. I've worked with creative interior designers and some really good people.


Here on our site, you can see all kinds of really cool stuff we've done. Our customers find we'll go beyond our normal scope of work to make a project really stand out.


If you have a new creative idea, I'd love to build it with you and make it a reality. 



                                                                         Jeremy Hoffman

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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